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Due to the proliferation of cellular camera phones, video cameras, and digital cameras these days, personal pictures are everywhere - but these quick-snap photos, while fun to share, do not compare to professional photos. Everyone likes to post their cell phone photos on their social networking profiles and share them with friends and family in e-mail, but professional photos are meant to be framed and displayed around the home, as well as collected in personal photo albums and featured on Christmas cards and event invitations. Sit-down picture sessions are also an occasion in and of themselves and the pictures not only capture a moment in time, but commemorate that special event. Creatively Yours Photography understands this and seeks not only to provide a fun, photo experience, but also build a personal relationship with their customers, many of whom return year after year.

While far from the only photographer in Appleton, the force behind Creatively Yours has been taking pictures since she was in the third-grade. She may also be the only photographer Appleton Wisconsin has to offer who has a collegiate background in computers, so she gets the best of both worlds and creates true art out of the pictures she captures. You can get your pictures in various formats and you can request changes can to make for free – all included in the basic package price. Creatively Yours is also a portable studio; while most Appleton photographers work only from their studios, Creatively Yours will setup at any location you decide on, and has many backgrounds from which you can choose for your indoor photo sessions.

The Appleton photography community hosts many quality studios, but Creatively Yours is not a dedicated wedding photography or family photo studio; Creatively Yours is open for any occasion or event and their prices are both reasonable and competitive. Creatively Yours photographs children and newborns, families, pets, senior pictures, creates custom collages, and more. And also works weddings, of course!

Creatively Yours maintains a Gallery featuring examples of their work, as well as an updated Price List, both of which are available online. You can also check on your photos online simply by entering your session ID. Creatively Yours' blog also keeps you informed on all specials, upcoming events, and more, and you can sign-up for their newsletter. Take a moment to surf the site and get a feel for the studio's work, then contact the company directly for more information and scheduling.

Creatively Yours serves the greater Appleton, Wisconsin area and is available for all occasions and events. Their background in computers means your photographs can be digitally manipulated into custom works suitable for framing, sharing, and displaying anywhere. Pictures are available in several formats and digital changes can be made for free. Use your professional photographs for Christmas and Easter cards, in family photo albums, on event invitations, and more. And, best of all, Creatively Yours is completely portable – they come to you! You choose the location, and whether indoors or outdoors, the fee is the same. Your sitting fee and choice of one unit size is included in the basic package, starting at under $40.00!

No matter your photography needs, if you reside, or plan to be, in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, make sure to check out Creatively Yours before you decide on a studio!

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